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"Westley T. Holiday is formidable in his memorable solo, "The Viper's Drag",... smooth, sexy, and charismatic, as is his character throughout the show."


                                                            Laura Kraich, The Independent (Orlando)

                                                            ("Ain't Misbehavin"-Andre)


"As Theo, Holiday...on opening night, as the character grew more uncertain, the actor grew all the more sure."


                                                            Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel

                                                            ("Ceremonies In Dark Old Men"-Theo Parker)


"...the sort of show that requires great needs strong singing, energetic movements, and expressive faces. The cast (...Westley Todd Holiday...) all meet those requirements ably, radiating charm and vivaciousness that should captivate the younger audiences and keep them engaged."


                                                            Charles Martin, The East Orlando Sun

                                                            ("School House Rock, LIVE"-Joe)


 "Orlando REP regulars like....Westley Todd Holiday...round off this all-star singing cast!"

                                                            Rebecca Swain, The Orlando Sentinel

                                                            ("Seussical"-General Schmitz/Yertle the Turtle)


"Also worth noting was the vaudeville-style mugging in the first act of Westley Todd Holiday, who plays the mute monk, Brother Forte. Holiday even quotes Harpo Marx in several of Marx's signature non-speak moves. Holiday also serves as dance captain and assistant choreographer..."


                                                            Sam Perlman, Resorter Reporter(Door Cnty, WI)

                                                            ("Monky Business"-Brother Forte, AC/DC)


"Mimi Jimenez, Miriam King, Westley Todd Holiday and Eric Michael Ulloa make a powerful quartet of the island gods..."


                                                            Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel

                                                            ("Once On This Island"-Papa Ge)


"The Orlando REP revisits an American classic with some good casting...The Orlando Repertory Theatre has nearly all the right ingredients for bliss in its revival of this often staged show..."

                                                            Elizabeth Maupin, The Orlando Sentinel

                                                            ("You Can't Take It With You"-Mr. Kirby)


"...Flo Rothacker of  the New York-based DGRW talent agency invited five UCF students...Westley Todd Holiday...for a private audition with...Bernard Telsey casting. Rothacker attended a production of...Once Once On This Island. So impressed, she suggested DGRW arrange the private audition."                    


                                                            Scottie Campbell, Orlando Arts Magazine

                                                            ("Once On This Island"-Papa Ge)