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HOLIWOODS PRODUCTIONS                                                                2008-Present

New York City, NY


                       Co-Owner/Music Specialist

-     Co-running an independent hybrid-company that offers the

professional actor/singer to use me as a resource for all auditioning needs (i.e.-picking out songs, learning songs, working monologues, making a rehearsal tape, honest feedback on performance, etc.)

-     Responsible for coaching singers in musical precision and vocal technique

-     Arranged and transposed and composed vocal, instrumental, and piano arrangements for singers for auditions/workshops, etc.

-     Associate Music Coach, Harmony/Vocal Coach for students

-     Hosting workshops on specific areas, or as needed in the student base.

-     Financially overseeing income, profit, and expense accounts for the business along with my business partner & examining prospects.


PERRY-MANSFEILD PERFORMING ARTS CAMP                                      2004

Steamboat Springs, CO


                       Staff Accompanist/Music Director

-     Played piano accompaniment and sight-read various levels of musical pieces for Music Theatre performance classes daily

-     Responsible for coaching singers in musical precision and vocal technique

-     Accompanied two (2) original theatrical productions and the 

                                   student Cabaret alongside being the Music Director for them

-     Arranged and transposed vocal, instrumental, and piano arrangements for three productions while in attendance

-     Assistant Musical Director, Harmony/Vocal Coach, and Rehearsal Accompanist for the Student production of "Grease"

-     Assisted in various student activities around camp including a Talent Showcase, a Pageant, and participated in the Faculty Showcase





RACQUETTE LAKE SUMMER CAMPS                                              2002

Utica, New York


                        Theatre Staff Counselor

      -     Worked with team director and teammates to map out and plan the musical theatre season for the summer camp.

-     Organized and proficiently gathered all music for the five musical productions of the summer camp.

-     Administrated daily vocal warm-ups and articulating exercises for children from the ages of 5 to 15 years old.

-     Coach personally teaching students on solos, group numbers, harmony, diction, breath support, and accurate pitch.

-     Organized all musical cuts and cues for the productions.

-     Accompanied on the synthesizer (keyboard) for 3 musical productions.

("Grease", "Pinocchio" and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".)

-          Assisted in additional choreography and staging with fellow directors    

      and teammates in the musical production of "Annie".

-          Worked with administrative staff in re-instating the traditional   

      communal camp "sing-alongs".

-          Designed sound effects for the musical production of "Beauty & the   





"Seussical: The Musical" - Dance Captain - Orlando Repertory Theater (Spring 2007)

"Go, Dog, Gog" - Dance Captain -Orlando Repertory Theater (Spring 2007)

"Under the Bridge" - Dance Captain - Orlando Repertory Theater (Fall 2005)

"Just So" - Dance Captain - Orlando Repertory Theater (Fall 2005)

"The Mikado" - Male Dance Captain - Seaside Music Theater (Summer 2005)

"Monky Business" - Asst. Choreographer/Dance Captain - Door Off- Broadway Dinner Theater (Summer/Fall 2004)

"Psalms of the Heart" - Co-Choreographer - Orlando Fringe Festival-Psalms Inc. (Summer 2002)





"Frank & Friends" - Music Director/Arranger - Den Haag, Holland (Winter 2008)

"Black Journey" - Voice Captain - American Family Theater (Spring 2006)

"Grease" - Assistant Music Director/Rehearsal Accompanist/Music Coach - Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp (Summer 2004)

 "Theater Festival I & II" - Music Director/Accompanist- Perry-Mansfield  Performing Arts Camp (Summer 2004)

"Little Shop of Horrors" - Music Director -(UCFCT Staged Reading) (Fall 2003)

"Nunsense" - Synthesizer/Band- UCFCT Summer Stock (Summer 2003)








"Welcome To Our Party! (Senior Cabaret)"- Vocal Arranger & Co-Music Director and Choreographed & Arranged "Opening Sequence -(Repertoire from Wild Party [Lippa/LaChuisa], Smokey Joe's Café, Sweeney Todd, Raisin: The Musical, Elegies for Punks...), UCF Conservatory Theatre (Spring 2004)


"Multicultural Showcase" - Accompanist/Music Director/Vocal & Music Arranger, Composer, Co-Choreographed "Stranger In My House-  (Repertoire from Once On This Island, RENT, Ballroom, Porgy & Bess, The Colored Museum, and some Original music), UCF Conservatory Theatre (Spring 2001)